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Training Course

Getting to grips with TUPE

The law relating to business transfers can be complex and taxing on those who have to oversee or implement a change in business ownership, the outsourcing of services or other service provision change, whether as a transferor or transferee.

This one-day course will simplify the principles of TUPE, and will enable you to decide on the best strategy and practice to ensure a successful outcome of the TUPE process for your business.

Course content

  • What TUPE means and when it applies
  • Automatic transfer principle – who transfers and on what terms – including tricky areas such as discretionary benefits and pensions
  • How to deal with disputes over whether TUPE applies and who transfers
  • Due diligence – what to ask for and provide at each stage of the process
  • Obligation to provide “employee liability information”
  • Duty to inform and consult – understanding the legal obligations and how to employ best practice
  • Key steps to take before and after a transfer
  • What changes or restructuring can be implemented following a transfer
  • Protection against dismissal
  • Maintaining good employment relations
  • Important legal cases and how they shape the TUPE landscape
  • What happens if TUPE does not apply

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