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Court & Tribunal Representation

Employers Federation Northern Ireland has a proven track record representing employers before the Industrial and Fair Employment Tribunals and the Industrial Court. Our single annual fee covers all your Tribunal cases irrespective of the number of claims you receive. This is outstanding value for money when compared with the cost of using solicitors and Counsel.

Employers Federation Northern Ireland will prepare all cases on your behalf to include:

  • taking detailed instructions at all stages of the Tribunal process, including drafting and lodging the Response Form
  • drafting requests for Additional Information and Discovery to understand the case being brought against you and prepare your defence
  • taking your instructions and responding to any requests for Additional Information and Discovery received by you
  • replying to Statutory Questionnaires arising from complaints of unlawful discrimination
  • all aspects of the preparation for and attendance at Case Management Discussions. This includes identifying the legal and factual issues in dispute, and timetabling the case for Hearing
  • providing advice in respect of prospects of success and potential awards
  • conducting any settlement discussions including liaising with the Labour Relations Agency and/or other representatives, and the negotiation of settlement terms
  • assistance with the drafting of Witness Statements
  • meeting with your witnesses to prepare them for the Hearing, including cross-examination
  • compiling the Tribunal Trial Bundle
  • preparation for and conducting the advocacy at the Tribunal Hearing
  • applying the applicable legislation and relevant case law to the facts and preparing closing submissions
  • on request, providing post-Hearing assessment and advice
  • acting as the instructing solicitor in any appeal from the Tribunal to the Court of Appeal

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