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Training Course

Equal Opportunities Awareness and Dignity at Work

Equal Opportunities plays a significant part in the workplace and affects decision making across a range of employment policies procedures and practices. Failure to adhere to good equal opportunities practice can lead to poor employment relations, costly claims and damage to business reputation.

This one-day course is particularly relevant for Human Resource personnel and all levels of management. It will explain the complex equality legislation in detail including liability for discrimination. The training will consider positive steps that organisations and managers can take to prevent discrimination occurring. The training with give attendees a clear understanding of bullying and harassment and how to handle informal and formal complaints relating to both.

Course content

  • A review of all the equality legislation relevant to Northern Ireland, types of discrimination and areas where discrimination can occur
  • Bullying and harassment: understanding its various forms and their similarities and differences
  • The impact of bullying and harassment on organisations and individuals
  • Liability for discrimination and the statutory defence to discrimination
  • Dealing effectively with complaints of discrimination, bullying and harassment in line with the LRA Code of Practice
  • Defending claims of discrimination and Employment Tribunal process and awards
  • Engaging positive strategies to prevent discriminatory practices and behaviour in the workplace

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