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Pay Settlements & Benchmarking

Our service provides you with information on pay settlements and helps you to benchmark pay, benefits and HR practice for a range of occupations and organisations. Our pay and benefit benchmarking service helps you to remain competitive.

Our pay research helps you understand the market rate for roles including:

  • Directors
  • Management & professional engineers
  • Generally across the workforce


Our pay information can help you:

  • Identify the market rate for a role when recruiting;
  • Address employee concerns about pay, or resolve a pay dispute;
  • Make decisions about pay reviews and when reviewing pay structures;
  • Understand what benefits and allowances similar companies give employees.We also conduct regular surveys on topics that affect the efficient running of your business including sickness/absence levels, and labour turnover.


We also carry out benchmarking on a range of topics including:

  • Shift patterns and shift premia;
  • Calculation of holiday pay;
  • The extent to which employers offer enhanced sickness payments;
  • Contractual enhancements to maternity and paternity pay;
  • Redundancy criteria and scoring;
  • Job sharing arrangements

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