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Employment Status and Terms & Conditions of Employment

We help you to draft contractual documentation most suited to your business, including contracts of employment, statements of employment particulars, apprenticeship agreements, consultancy agreements, fixed term, temporary and zero hours contracts.

We can draft clauses tailored to your particular needs including:

  • lay off and short-term working
  • use of company car
  • bonus and commission schemes
  • right to search
  • company sick pay and maternity pay schemes
  • enhanced confidentiality clauses
  • restrictive covenants including non-compete, non-solicitation, and non-dealing


We also guide you through the legal and practical intricacies associated with:

  • differences between employees, workers and the genuinely self-employed
  • the impact of employment status on an individual’s employment rights
  • types of contractual and non-contractual terms
  • rights of agency workers
  • pay and benefits
  • holidays and holiday pay
  • pensions
  • sick pay
  • working time
  • drafting and reviewing company policies and procedures

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