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Training Course

Conducting Dignity at Work Investigations

Conducting fair and robust investigations into harassment, bullying and discrimination complaints requires expertise and professional handling to ensure fair outcomes and reduce the risk of tribunal claims.

Our comprehensive one-day training course will give those who handle dignity at work complaints the confidence and expertise needed to undertake such investigations.  The training will upskill attendees in performing the investigator role, to include: gathering evidence; interviewing different types of witnesses; making findings of fact and writing conclusions, as well as focusing on some of the critical skills required to be effective in the role.

Course Content

Key areas covered in the training include:

  • The nature of dignity at work investigations and purpose of the investigator’s role
  • Understanding the distinctions between harassment and bullying, including the legal test for harassment
  • Scoping and planning a dignity at work investigation
  • Gathering evidence, including how to conduct better investigation interviews with different types of witnesses (complainant, alleged perpetrator, observer, other) using effective questioning techniques
  • Handling difficult interview situations
  • Assessing evidence and making findings of fact
  • How to structure and present an investigation report
  • Documenting meetings and key criteria for taking reliable notes

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