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Inquiry launched into Human Rights at Work



The Joint Committee on Human Rights has launched a new inquiry to examine how human rights are protected at work.

In its introduction it states:

‘Work is a central aspect of people’s live as it often provides their principal source of income and can provide a sense of purpose. Employment can also contribute to an individual’s feelings of self-respect and dignity. However, the world of work has also been recognised as involving an imbalance of power between employer and workers This imbalance can lead to exploitation, discrimination and other harmful practices.’

The Committee will be examining:

  1. Freedom of association and the Right to STRIKE (Article 11)
  2. Right to privacy and Surveillance at Work (Article 8)
  1. Freedom of Thought Conscience and Religion and Freedom of Expression in the Workplace (Art 9)
  2. Labour Market Exploitation (Art 4)
  3. Retained EU Law and workers’ rights – looking at extent UK’s compliance with human rights obligations and protection of is dependent on retained EU law?
  1. International Human Rights Treaties compliance including ILO

The Committee states it is undertaking a separate piece of work providing legislative scrutiny of the Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill.

You can read it Inquiry Launched into Human Rights at Work     

The closing date for written submissions is 24 March 2023. We welcome any comments Members may have on this.