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CIPD Guide on Transgender& Non Binary Inclusion at Work (30 October 2023)



This is a very helpful CIPD Guide on Transgender & Non Binary inclusion at Work is aimed at people professionals & line manager. It will assist those trying to understand how to support and manage transgender and non-binary inclusion and rights at work. The Guide has been punished as part of CIPD’s equity, diversity and inclusion policy.

The Guide recognises like other areas of EDI, Transgender and Non-binary Equality issues can be complex and sometimes lead to polarising views across a spectrum of beliefs which need to be balanced and managed.

It includes a section of key terminology which can often be misunderstood (e.g cisgender, gender critical and gender fluid).

Contents include:

  • Setting the right foundations for EDI in the workplace
  • Embedding Policy
  • Considerations for transgender and non-binary EDI in the workplace

The Guide contains 4 Appendices:

Appendix A: List of employment tribunal and employment appeal tribunal cases

Appendix B: Inclusive language

Appendix C: What is bullying, harassment and victimisation?

Appendix D: Transitioning at work action plan prompts.

The Guide covers every stage of the employee life cycle, from recruitment through to progression. It sets out the legal considerations and the protected characteristic of gender reassignment and the importance of encouraging inclusive language in the workplace and ensuring privacy.  Appendix D provides practical guidance on how organisations can support employees through a transition and managing different views in the workplace, an issue that has seen increased litigation.