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Points Based Immigration System: Introduction For Employers (October 2021 Update)

With recent changes taking place to UK immigration routes, the Home Office has refreshed their Guide, ‘Points-Based Immigration System: Introduction for Employers’.

The updated Guide that can be accessed HERE

The Home Office states that the aim of the update is to ensure employers are aware of how they can recruit talented individuals from around the world through a number of different immigration routes.

The Guide provides:

  • An overview of the points-based immigration system work routes and sets out the steps employers should take to access the system;
  • The latest guidance on the Temporary Worker Routes and;
  • Updated information on conduct Right to Work Checks.

As expected, the Home Office continues to encourage employers to first consider domestic recruitment options within the UK. Therefore, the Guide provides examples of programmes available to employers who are considering hiring employees, offering work experience or upskilling their existing staff.