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Furlough Claim Deadlines / Repaying the Grant

The CJRS/ Furlough Scheme ended on 30 September 2021 and the last date to make a claim was 14 October 2021. The Furlough Guides have been updated to reflect these facts.

Notably, the “Claim for Wages” Guide has changed in that they have removed the section ‘How to claim’, given the last claim date has passed. They have also updated ‘If you’ve missed the claim deadline’ section and added ‘Return to service’ and ‘How to pay the grant back’ sections.

This Guide can be accessed HERE


Members may also be interested in the statistics (as at 31 August 2021) on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme which were recently published accompanied with analysis by scheme size, sector, geography, age, gender, estimated annual pay and flexible furlough.

The statistics show that the number of employments on furlough continued to significantly decrease throughout the UK in August 2021.

On 31 July 2021, the number of employments on furlough in Northern Ireland was 36,400.

Provisional figures show that the number of employments on furlough decreased to 29,700 as at 31 August 2021. Of these, 14,500 were females and 15,300 were males.

It will certainly be interesting understanding what happened to those 29,700 persons in Northern Ireland by 30 September 2021 when the Scheme ended.  We suspect we may have to await the next report.

The statistics report can be accessed HERE