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Executive agrees a number of early relaxations to Covid-19 regulations

The NI Executive reviewed the current restrictions on 16 March 2021. The current position is set out here

Whilst a number of early relaxations to Covid-19 regulations were agreed the position in respect of the workplace remains unchanged. The Guidance continues to state:

You may only leave home, where necessary:

….to go to work, or provide voluntary or charitable services, if you cannot reasonably do so from home.”


Therefore the advice remains that anyone who can work from home must work from home.

Employers that require staff to come into the workplace must complete a mandatory risk assessment.

In Northern Ireland (unlike England) there is currently no change to the guidance for CEV / medically vulnerable people who are advised not to attend the workplace. However this is advice only – CEV persons can make their own judgements about attending work, depending on the COVID-security of the working environment.  Some CEV persons who have received the vaccination are returning to the workplace 3 weeks after their first vaccination.

The position for CEV England changed on 17 March 2021. The English guidance now states that if they cannot work from home they should now go to work. We will continue to keep Members updated on developments.