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Clinically Extremely Vulnerable Persons can be Furloughed Despite Pause in Shielding (22 April 2021)

The Check which employees you can furlough Guide has been updated clarifying that CEV persons remain eligible for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, even whilst shielding guidance is not in place.

Shielding guidance was paused in Northern Ireland on 1 April 2021. This update means that businesses who wish to continue to furlough CEV persons can still do so. For example, some CEV persons may not want to return to the workplace at this time or the business may not be able to put in place appropriate safeguards in to permit their return.

The Guide states:

Employers can furlough employees who are clinically extremely vulnerable or at the highest risk of severe illness from coronavirus. It’s up to employers to decide if they will furlough these employees. An employer does not need to be facing a wider reduction in demand or be closed to be eligible to claim for these employees.’